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The name ‘Surrey Hills’ is an ode to two eponymous townships that reside in Australia. Inspired by the scenic autumn forest landscapes at the quaint Surrey Hills town in Melbourne, and finest baked goods at Surry Hills, an inner-city suburb of Sydney and hip strip known for its vibrant cultural and café scene, Surrey Hills Grocer was borne of a desire to bring that same tranquil, comfort and delight to Singapore. Tucked away from the bustle of the city, Surrey Hills Grocer’s location in the quieter areas of Jurong is intentional in re-creating the experience of driving to a farm gate in Australia. Now come and wander as there’s magic in every corner!

The local Australian-specialty grocer features a beautifully decked space that houses a gourmet marketplace, alfresco café, artisanal bakery, florist bar and even a pop-up farmers’ market area.

Spanning across 3,000 square feet, Surrey Hills Grocer is built with clean modern lines, and a touch of farm gate rustic that brings you down the memory lane of your fondest Australia road trips. Its entrance exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere as shoppers are greeted by majestic tiers of wooden arcs overhead that extend into the shop. The arcs are also purposefully illuminated with soft ambient lighting to invoke an imagery of the sun rising over the hills. Incorporating natural wood elements as a running theme, the grocer is flanked by large floor-to-ceiling façade windows that allow natural daylight to pour through its interior. Along with its lush foliage landscaping for a calm, greenery effect, and a refreshing bespoke citrus store scent, Surrey Hills Grocer offers a multi-sensory experience and a relaxing space for shoppers to slow down, unwind, shop, and dine leisurely.


We are Ros & Daimien Vodusek. Combining our talents as a trained chef and butcher, we took over the Rich Glen estate in 2000 & we now produce 150 olive-oil based food and skin-care products right here on the estate as well as showcase outstanding local produce in our provedore.

Rich Glen Olive Estate

We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality, taste and aroma of our truffles often attributed to our rich, sloping and free draining loam soils that create the ideal terroir. The aroma and flavour of truffles have been described as earthy – the floor of the forest, damp earth, roasted dry fruits  and chocolate – with a memorable aroma and lingering aftertaste.

Stonebarn Truffles

Named after one of the early settlers and vignerons, Hubert de Castella, the property has been used for producing our fine artisan cheese since 1994 and located in what is known as one of the premium wine and dairy regions of Australia.

Yarra Valley Dairy


Surrey Hills Deli debuts at Raffles Place with 1-for-1 gourmet sandwich

This new Melbourne-inspired sandwich joint stacks up the perfect quick bite for busy hustlers.

Come February 1, this spanking new Melbourne-inspired sandwich shop debuts right in the heart of Raffles Place with 1 for 1 gourmet sandwich deals – save the date! Designed to offer a quick respite for busy hustlers, eight fully-loaded sandwiches are featured in the lineup. 

Read More:https://www.timeout.com/singapore/news/surrey-hills-deli-debuts-at-raffles-place-with-1-for-1-gourmet-sandwich-012623

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Proud Mary Coffee

Proud Mary was founded by husband and wife Nolan and Shari Hirte in 2009 in Melbourne, Australia. Proud Mary offers products and services that improve the start of your day so dramatically, that it's impossible to go back to the way things used to be. We aim to provide an amazing and heart felt experience for everyone who visits our Melbourne and Portland, Oregon locations.

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The Flower Factory
The Flower Factory is a family-owned local lifestyle florist. We are 2nd generation farmers-turned-florists sisters who wants to bring light to local productions of foliage and flora, spreading joy and comfort through our blooms.
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